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My First 3D Assignment! February 2, 2009

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This is my first assignment in my 3D class. 

We had to make a 3D construction out of ONLY paper that was able to hang on the wall. I decided to make something not so pretty into something slightly beautiful.

I took newspaper and cut out hundreds of flower petals and make flowers. As you can see below the flowers fade and fall apart as the go down.

Only newspaper and adhesive where used. 

Well take a look yourself! 

Please excuse the terrible photo. It looks a whole lot better in person, i promise. 

Feel free to give me your comments and tell me what you think!


Flowers out of newspaper

Flowers out of newspaper


One Response to “My First 3D Assignment!”

  1. Ryan Graves Says:

    Kels – I love the new blog! This newspaper flower looks awesome! I’m really glad you’re going to share your stuff. I think you’ll find that it’s really fun.

    Love ya.

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