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splurge or save? August 4, 2009

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There are a lot of different views on what ones wardrobe should contain. Some people think only designer labels are ok and everything else is trash. On the other hand some people refuse to spend over 30 dollars on any one item for their closet.

Here are my thoughts… when looking at your wardrobe I believe that there are some items that need to be nicer, better quality, which requires spending more money. For example , when buying a pair of jeans, I personally think it’s better to spend a little more money because you will get more for your money. Jeans are something you where all the time, so you want to have them last. This is something we can definitely splurge on.

Then there are some things I personally don’t think you need to spend as much money on and your will enjoy just as much! Tank tops and simple tee shirts. Yes, I will admit there are a lot of really nice designers that make wonderful, soft, comfortable shirts and tanks but there are also comfy tanks you can buy that are very practical and affordable. When spending your money you can find just great camis, tanks, and tee shirts. This is definitely something we can save our money on!

Sunglasses… now here is something that is right in the middle when it comes to splurging and saving. Personally, I think this depends on the person. Some people hate to spend tons of money on a pair of nice sunglasses because they know that in a week they will either be broken, lost or stolen and we all know there are cute sunglasses we can get for under 15 dollars. On the other hand, when spending a lot on sunglasses, you can tell that they are more sturdy and dependable. This is great for the person that can a) keep track of their sunglasses and b) not break them. These more expensive types do last longer and will last a very long time if treated with care. 

There are just a few of my thoughts on splurging and saving! I hope you enjoyed them because I enjoyed sharing. 

More fun fashion/ shopping blogs to come!



2 Responses to “splurge or save?”

  1. Hollis333 Says:

    As an ambitious entrepreneur, I say spend on things that you need. If that means spending on wardrobe items that cost a tad bit more but hold up longer then by all means do so.

    It is important to learn proper money management in this age of financial irresponsibility. Learn to identify needs vs. desires and make wise decisions when spending money.

    Also learn about investing. Whether it be stocks or a friend’s business, make sure that there is a strong possibility of a decent return on investment.

    These are the factors that will ensure a healthy fiscal life.

    • Ryan Graves Says:


      Really great poinst. Some business and finance basics should be req’d for every undergrad major IMHO.

      Regarding clothes, I say quality over quantity. But the truth is I don’t practice what I preach.


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