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Aqua Addiction February 16, 2012

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Today was fun dressing in my all time favorite color! Combining my fav color with the fun recent trend of poka dots. If only I could have also showed you my bedroom wall and everything accent piece in my entire room!

Top: Forever 21, Ring: Flea Market


On my mind the rainy monday morning. December 20, 2010

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5 things making me happy this holiday season. December 12, 2010

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Im going through finals this week and I just can’t wait to get home and celebrate Christmas with my family. But here are 5 things making me happy and helping me through this rough week to a fun and happy holiday.









1. My sister got engaged over thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more happy for her!











2. My very own Christmas tree! Decorated in gold and silver!











3. Peppermint Pretzel Slims sold at Trader Joes! Delicious snack during Christmas Time!








4. Great Friends and holiday Parties!








5. Me and Bri’s Christmas cookie we spent forever making!


My Jewelry Line July 22, 2010

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These are now sold in Maybel’s in 4S Ranch!


My Fav Summer ’10 Trends! July 1, 2010

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(love this dolce vita romper!!)

I absolutely love this romper trend! I have been wanting to wear them for years and now I finally can! It’s a great easy summer outfit that is a garunteed ¬†favorite! Especially in florals and patterns! Pair any pair of flats, wedges, or heals with it and its so cute! You can also have fun with bracelets, necklaces and even great and bold headbands and hair pieces.

What’s really great is you can find them at any price, (As cheap as 20 dollars at target. )


I think chunky jewelry can be really fun to play with. Pairing a bib necklace or chucky neck piece can really spice up any outfit. My favorite is paring a large necklace with just jeans and a t-shirt. Easy outfits are my fav and pairing great jewelry with them can add a bright or fun twist to any easy outfit.


The new trend of women wearing menswear is so fun. It takes a bold girl to wear it but if you’ve got the courage and style… Go for it! Love the tuxedo pants with vests and/ or blazers. They have serious potential for “WOW.” I’m personally so excited, I just got a pair of tuxedo pants myself!

BOYFRIEND BLAZERS (boyfriend anything!)

I think it’s so great that the idea of grabbing something out of your boyfriends closet (or at least looks like it is), throwing it on and looking fabulous can be done! Boyfriend blazers are my personal favorite. You can throw them over anything and it adds style and a sense of sophistication. My favorite new saying…”jackets, jackets, jackets!”

Boyfriend jeans are also so fun! Comfy and cute is great! With a pair of easy flats or fun wedges, boyfriend jeans can be so cute for a trip to the mall or lunch with friends.

Boyfriend button down shirts are easy to wear with skinny jeans or tucked into a fitted pair of shorts, maybe paired with some great jewelry. This look appears that you didn’t put in any effort yet you look cute as ever!


already a bumpy road January 13, 2010

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Im sitting in the airport in denver, co. and already we have some problems. My flight to frankfurt is delayed two hours! Now since this is late I will miss my connecting flight to bologna. now starts a whole new adventure! I will be missing the meeting with my program in the airport at Bologna so now I have to catch a shuttle, then catch a train and then catch a cab all to get to the place I need to be. Hopefully things go a little smoother than thus far!

Im a little nervous about how all of this will work on so please keep me in your prayers!


On my way to Italia! January 11, 2010

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Hey guys! I will be leaving for Italy on Tuesday! I’m living in the small town of Ferrara, Italy and studying at the University of Ferrara for four months!¬†

I am going to do my best to keep you all updated on the places I visit and the many things I see! 

Wish me luck and safe flights!