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splurge or save? August 4, 2009

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There are a lot of different views on what ones wardrobe should contain. Some people think only designer labels are ok and everything else is trash. On the other hand some people refuse to spend over 30 dollars on any one item for their closet.

Here are my thoughts… when looking at your wardrobe I believe that there are some items that need to be nicer, better quality, which requires spending more money. For example , when buying a pair of jeans, I personally think it’s better to spend a little more money because you will get more for your money. Jeans are something you where all the time, so you want to have them last. This is something we can definitely splurge on.

Then there are some things I personally don’t think you need to spend as much money on and your will enjoy just as much! Tank tops and simple tee shirts. Yes, I will admit there are a lot of really nice designers that make wonderful, soft, comfortable shirts and tanks but there are also comfy tanks you can buy that are very practical and affordable. When spending your money you can find just great camis, tanks, and tee shirts. This is definitely something we can save our money on!

Sunglasses… now here is something that is right in the middle when it comes to splurging and saving. Personally, I think this depends on the person. Some people hate to spend tons of money on a pair of nice sunglasses because they know that in a week they will either be broken, lost or stolen and we all know there are cute sunglasses we can get for under 15 dollars. On the other hand, when spending a lot on sunglasses, you can tell that they are more sturdy and dependable. This is great for the person that can a) keep track of their sunglasses and b) not break them. These more expensive types do last longer and will last a very long time if treated with care. 

There are just a few of my thoughts on splurging and saving! I hope you enjoyed them because I enjoyed sharing. 

More fun fashion/ shopping blogs to come!



reflecting back on sophomore year… May 4, 2009

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Today, the last day before finals begin of my sophomore year of college, I sit at my desk and reflect on the past year here at APU. I have been through a lot this past year. I have learned a lot and grown a ton! I’ve learned a lot about God and who he is and who he wants me to be. The way I act and the decisions I make really do reflect who God is in my personal life. My love and respect for God has grown tremendously in the past few months. Not only have I learned about the Lord and what he wants for my life and how he lets things pan out in my life, but also how and when he places different people in my life or lack there of 🙂 . If God doesn’t want something for me he won’t give it to me, or at least in the way I want. Having patience and letting God take control is crucial in everyday life with God.

            Also, the friendships that come in and out of my life are put there for a reason. When I was going through a hard time and thought I had no true friends, I simply prayed about it for weeks and my prayer was DEFINITELY answered. I instantly became very close with two amazing girls who not only were so fun and amazing but also lifted me closer to God and encouraged me through my troubles by telling me that God had his plan and things are the way they are for a reason. These two girls are the best thing that happened to me this year, such a blessing and a total answer to prayer! Not only did he bring me close to two amazing girls who only help me get closer to God but He also showed me the people in my life that I took for granted before, my family being one of them. I’ve also learned that even though I may not like certain people I may be put in their lives for a reason and to truly live for God and lead by example as much as I can.

            Another huge part of my life that I have truly learned to appreciate this past year is my family. I couldn’t be any happier with the relationships that have grown in my family. The members in my family are now not only people I love and care deeply about but also are amazing people who are becoming my best friends. I am so blessed to have such an amazing older sister who is also my best friend and an amazing example to look up to.  My older brother is also the best example and amazing role model.  I follow his example by making good decisions in life and living everyday to the fullest. And finally my parents who have always been the best example of all. Their love and support has helped me through out many struggles this past year. Their advice and devotion have guided me through so much and I will always remember that. I couldn’t love my family more.


Logos! February 25, 2009

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hey everyone!
these are my two logos for my intro to computer graphics class. the assignment was to make two logos, one for your personal identity now and one for what you think your personal identity will be in 11 years. the one with the spray bottle is my logo for now. i was trying to portray me being an artist in a cool way. i like how it turned out. sorry these pictures are awful so you cant fully see the colors i meant for it etc. and the second one with the hanger is my logo in 11 years. this one was tough because i have no idea where ill be in 11 years so this is just possibly my guess. hope you all enjoy!getattachmentaspx3getattachmentaspx4


My First 3D Assignment! February 2, 2009

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This is my first assignment in my 3D class. 

We had to make a 3D construction out of ONLY paper that was able to hang on the wall. I decided to make something not so pretty into something slightly beautiful.

I took newspaper and cut out hundreds of flower petals and make flowers. As you can see below the flowers fade and fall apart as the go down.

Only newspaper and adhesive where used. 

Well take a look yourself! 

Please excuse the terrible photo. It looks a whole lot better in person, i promise. 

Feel free to give me your comments and tell me what you think!


Flowers out of newspaper

Flowers out of newspaper